Turning That Corner, Staring at Geese:

Soon, I’m going to be on the path of planting as the weather continues to slowly match the typical weather of the spring season. As I’m assessing the first site of habitat that is going to be created – I contemplate the life lesson of turning that corner, where around it lies the unknown that awaits us –  a risk in all forms.  

However, in a pond near my planting sight – there were a few Canadian Geese I noticed who were peacefully going about their business – while this isn’t exactly what you would call a surprise, it got me thinking that every year these geese fly in their infamous V Shaped Formation. Trusting the flow and rhythm of nature’s unmarked path – regardless of where it takes them.

A Conservation History Lesson 

This particular migratory bird, is protected in both Canada and The United States, thanks to the Migratory Birds Convention Act of 1994, which was agreed upon by both countries. Howeverwetlands are in sharp decline due to suburban sprawl, especially in the habitat of this infamous deciduous animal. While conservation efforts have helped this species thrive – with increased pressure from development to convert the land use, threats remain.

Moral of The Story

While this got my head thinking  and wandering on this topic – starring at these geese who have learned to live amongst us, it dawned on me that its our time to learn to live, not just amongst them – but all other migratory bird species.

Taking this leap in living a different way may be strange and foreign to us – but for us and our future it just makes sense to try and live together with these creatures. Effective Land Management will no doubt be key in this being successful, as well as many other factors that work together in ensuring the survival and thriving of all animals, who dwell in the Deciduous Urban Forest. 

– Mr. V


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