Three Ways To Appreciate Wildlife

Without the exposure to the natural world – we separate ourselves from not only the natural world that sustains our life – we especially lose the connection, kinship and appreciation that we have for those we share the planet with. For generations, everyday interaction with the outdoors allowed people to unknowingly connect with the natural song patterns of birds and the hypnotic calls of wolves in the night.

Here are three simple ways you can start to connect with nature:

Feel The Dirt Beneath Your Feet
It may sound rather unorthodox, but walking in your bare feet allows you to feel the earth beneath you, try doing this though in a ravine or forest nearby or just got barefoot in your backyard or local park – take those socks off and feel alive.

Smell The Roses
There is a reason they don’t say look at the roses, taking a moment to take in the scents and sounds of nature provide a more tangible experience and way to relate to the animals that use these plants and live amongst them. Texture makes the wildlife more ‘real’ so to speak for us psychologically.

Listen and Be Still
Whether or not you’re an animal call expert – we still know when we hear wildlife. However, take a moment to listen to it, pay attention to just the sounds and give yourself a moment to meditate on it. People might agree, theres nothing quite as enchanting as listening to the music composed by those flying amongst us.

As one does these steps, it will allow the individual to become more observant and will give them a tangible connection that make wildlife more real to them. The first key for preserving wildlife is to gain an appreciation for them.

– Mr.V

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