The Urban Canopy

  • The Urban Forest of Toronto currently has a total estimated tree population of 10.2 million trees. The City Of Toronto Municipality is in charge of maintaining the city’s trees, currently cover roughly 17% of the total area. The Urban Canopy is also responsible for

    harbouring various species of Deciduous wildlife, particularly Red Foxes, Coyotes, Racoons, and The Red Squirrel.  Providing them with  habitat, shelter and survival essentials, often serving as a refuge for them in a chaotic urban environment that clashes with wildlife. Much of the canopy exists amongst Toronto’s Ravine systems – acting as a corridor refuge for the wild animals that depend on it.

  • • Provides energy savings and reduces pollution in our oxygen.

    • Provides storage for carbon.

    • Carbon sequestration.

    • Food sources and shade during summer.

    • Enhances green space.

    • Increases the value of property.

    • Helps to clean and filter our drinking water.

    • Lowers temperatures in the city.

  • The Urban Canopy Wildlife faces many threats, both from the constant development that is occurring and a combination of human activity and invasive species that present potential dangers to their needed habitat and their essential elements. Strengthening their habitats, be providing more trees and increasing the biodiversity of their ecosystems can help mitigate impact from both humans and invasive species.