The Deciduous Forest

Decidious Forest

  • The Deciduous Forest Zone of The Greater Toronto Area shares similarities to the forests of the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence region in terms of the species of trees and shrubs it contains, wildlife that call it home, as well as overall appearance and landscape. The Deciduous Forest Zone is also home to less then 3% of Ontario’s Forest Cover – but also is home to over 95% of the province’s population and over a quarter of Canada’s population.

  • Did you know that not only does the Deciduous region have a diverse migratory bird population, but that these particular species share a strong presence and dependence on The Deciduous Forest of southern Ontario:

    • Bald Eagle

    • Coyote

    • Red Fox

    • Eastern Chipmunk

    • White-tailed Deer

    • Red Squirrel

    • Great Horned Owl

    • Blanding’s Turtle

  • Since the settlements of the first settlers took place from Europe, Deciduous Forests have much been cleared for development of cities, towns, agriculture, commercial and recreational spaces. With the region of the Greater Toronto Area being the fastest growing region in not only Canada – but in the North American continent, the fragmentation of habitat for the animals that call this region home is becoming an increasing problem – and more then ever before – they need help.  Not only is fragmentation playing a problem, but the division of habitats and access to additional food sources from roads and highways creates further fragmented habitat and the death of hundreds of animals a year, due to road kill and head on collisions.