Privacy Policy

What personal information is collected by Urban Ecosystems?

Urban Ecosystems is a non-profit initiative and only collects the following information if Urban Ecosystems Credits are Contributed on behalf of a company, person, group or organization. We collect the following information from those that contribute:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Recipient’s Name (If your contributing upon someone’s behalf)
  • Accurate website or social media profile information

Urban Ecosystems does not share personal information with any third parties and the only tracking information that our website collects is information via browser cookies, as most websites do – to acquire data about our visitor’s activity on our website and to ensure website security.

Security of contribution(s) and contributor(s)

If those who contribute wish to remain anonymous upon finalization of their contribution, they must select an anonymous screen name when opted to identify how they would like to be identified when their addition is inserted into the virtual Urban Jungle.

Additional reasons that personal information is collected

Urban Ecosystems also collects personal information for the following secondary purposes:

  • Records management
  • To send our notification emails to those contributors who choose for this service
  • To ensure the privacy and accuracy of contributions provided.

Our Responsibility

While Urban Ecosystems does ensure that any individual who contributes has their selected ecosystem addition created and does our best to ensure your satisfaction with your gift, as well as the accuracy of all additional components. We do not claim any responsibility for unsatisfied contributors for whatever cause, claim or purpose, liability and consent remain solely on those that choose to contribute.