Our Mission Statement, Vision, and Core Principles

  • The Project’s purpose is to enable groups and people to easily help expand and strengthen the homes of wildlife and green spaces in urbanized regions of the Deciduous Forest Zone in Southern Ontario’s Greenbelt through direct restoration efforts we conduct on behalf of the groups and people that donate.

  • Our vision is to create a system of naturalized greenspaces, habitat areas, and corridors that enable animals to co-exist with urban human communities without conflict, while aiming to make our planet healthier.

  • As an ongoing and expanding initiative, from the beginning – we are guided by these key principles and core beliefs, which are at the heart of everything we do.


    1. That as people, we have a responsibility to conduct our lives in the most sustainable way possible.

    2. The importance of maintaining and expanding green space and Decidous Forest for both animals and people.

    3. Making sustainability and having wildlife friendly practices for businesses, people and organizations as easy as possible.

    4. Making sure your monetary contributions really count – using every cent for where you intended it to go.

    5. Creating more homes for wildlife and more nature for the urban dwellers.

    6. Connecting the city and the mysteries of the wild together.

    7. Giving people complete recognition for their contribution.

    8. Making sure that every monetary contribution has the maximum amount of impact.

    9. Working together is always the best way of problem solving.

    10. Looking at obstacles and seeing opportunities.

    You can simply contribute one or three dollars and give additional sources of much needed food and shelter for these animals by adding to or creating bio diverse ecosystems that many species of wildlife will come to depend on. Expand The Deciduous Forest Today.