• LOBAcoin is a borderless hybrid community-based cryptocurrency designed to provide animals (both native and domestic species) from around the globe with a powerful voice for their advocacy and well-being. Our network incentivises those individuals, grass-roots causes, organizations & businesses for volunteering, providing services or products that promote long-term conservation of an animal species, habitat and well-being; every time an instance of this occurs – a payment is made. They are also earned through the drop method and are set-up to be fully anonymous & decentralized, giving individuals complete and anonymous control. As well as rewarding those that do amelioration, contributing to good for animals via payments in LOBAcoin (LOBA).


  • Across the planet – we continue to see the devastating impacts human decisions continue to have on animal’s lives – leading to the disappearance of ecosystems(communities of animals) and habitats (animal’s homes), food/water sources, and the starvation, death and degradation of our wildlife vertebrates. These actions include animal agriculture, pollution, industrialized fisheries, livestock production, soil erosion, environmental degradation, climate change, deforestation, waste, industrialized urban sprawl among many others. These human decisions causing immense effects, which lead to the suffering of not just species in the wild, but also domesticated varieties as well –justified for the purpose of commercial profit.

  • The premise is simple, LOBAcoin as a currency can only be used to purchase products, services and donated to causes that help animals – both on an ethical level and ecological conservation level to promote their long-term well being of single individuals and populations. This transaction process helps to drive the growth of a community-powered asset to help create more value and funding power for those doing ethical business and causes that benefit animal populations of our planet. The network also freely will
    distribute coins through the drop method.


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