Welcome To Urban Ecosystems

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  • Urban Ecosystems is an educational initiative, designed to help teach individuals in urban centres the ecological and ethical importance that animals play in the stewardship of the natural ecology of the Deciduous landscape and that the centre of environmental preservation must have a focus on maintaining the natural wildlife through habitat conservation, creation & restoration, in addition to protecting the health of the native ecosystems and ecology that they depend on. 

  • To make a direct difference for the conservation of Deciduous wildlife and habitat they depend on, we use both education and direct acts of stewardship to make a difference. Through hands-on educational outreach to individuals in the Southern Ontario region and ecological enhancements on the Urban Ecosystems Wildlife Refuge for rescued reintroduced wildlife – we attempt to make a difference.

  • For your contribution to The Deciduous Forest and wildlife of the Greenbelt region in Southern Ontario, upon receiving your generous order – we will send you a verified sustainability certificate, indicating your total contribution to the habitat, the planet and the urban ecosystems of the Greater Toronto Area.

    You will also be able to upload your photo, name, and other information you wish to provide to credit you, or your organization with the new addition to our virtual urban jungle. You will also be able to check in to our urban jungle to get live statistics on the progress and health of your tree, habitat or forest that was created in your name. Finally, you will also receive a personalized thank you e-mail from us.

  • There are three primary reasons why we do this:

    1. To help urban animals by enriching and growing their habitat.
    2. Help expand the Ontario Greenbelt and the Urban Deciduous Forest
    3. Giving People, Groups and Organizations easy ways and strategies to make a difference in the lives of native animals.